(and those otherwise doing the work)


Having been fortunate enough to help train upwards of 120+ interns across various mental health related disciplines, I developed a passion for providing support for folks who also do this work.

Finding a therapist as a therapist can be hard. Much of our work is privatized, and it can be scary for us to sit across from someone in our field and be vulnerable - particularly if it's related to "The Work"! In fact, it can even be a challenge to find a therapist who is comfortable working with other people in similar fields.

If you're:

  • training to work in mental health,
  • currently work in mental health,
  • provide emotional/therapeutic support in religious or other contexts,

and are seeking some support for yourself, consider contacting me, or even sending me some questions around what you're seeking! My work focuses on understanding our relationships with our selves, our emotions, our contexts, other people - the beautiful and often messy overlap of all these areas and more. Whether you're experiencing a relationship to Shame, Doubt, Imposter Syndrome, Overwhelm, Burnout, or any number of other common experiences when working in these fields, I am ready to be present and with you in these moments. My goal always being to work together to identify the areas you feel the most need for support, regardless of who you are or what you do for a living.