Transgender individuals are required to obtain letters of support from mental health professionals in order for insurance to cover transition-related care. I passionately believe that the background behind this requirement is biased and not based in the best interest or access of transgender and gender non-conforming individuals. However, I also firmly believe that access to care is necessary and want to do what I can to support people navigting these systems.

As such, I provide surgery support letter assessments not just for ongoing clients, but also for individuals who are seeking the letter outside of establishing a new, on-going therapeutic relationship. These assessments are generally 1-2 sessions. 

During the assessment, I will seek to have a conversation about who you are, how you navigate your life, and what the procedure(s) you're seeking would mean to you. 

Cost is the same as my session rate, $100/hour out of pocket. If your insurance covers my services as a provider, insurance can be billed for its standard co-pay/co-insurance.